The Effects of Global Warming in Zambia


Global warming is a frightening issue. When we picture the effects, we often only imagine the ramifications for us here in San Francisco: more volatile weather (from our previous foggy monotony), Ocean Beach underwater, and various other things that,…

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  • Tenth Grade Poetry
    Exception Kara McBurnett  We walk about our tired paths each day, With past travails and future deeds in mind, Importan
  • “What happens behind closed doors, too often neither heard or shared”
    ThuD! is the sound you hear when you fall running [away] down the stairs. CraCK! BanG! is the noise your skull makes whe
  • Small Talk
    Beneath boring social navigation Beneath the facts on a facebook profile True selves, whimpering under sedation A story,
  • The clouds, harboring life-giving rain.
    The seed soaked it all up, Slowly, though it didn’t want to, the seed grew And grew, and grew, and grew. It grew wings
  • Shoes: A Reflection from the Past
    I have been said to be many things: An accessory, a beauty necessity, a gaping sharks mouth But with everything stripped
  • My Time
    So young, with so much time ahead they say An immense urn of eighty years to spend But my time will leak with each passi


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