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Best Free Period

Now that the fourth quarter is in full swing, students have had plenty of time to evaluate their schedule and are beginning to formulate their plans for next year. The most energetic schedule debates are often around what the best free period is, as students at UHS are somehow able to stress about even their free time. Although choosing a free period is completely out of your control, we have created a breakdown of the six available free periods and ranked them from best to worst. After reading this list, feel free to hound Joanne Sugiyama, the school registrar, via email to ensure you get our top free period selection.


1 – 1°: It is hard to beat a late start on Monday morning, a special perk that only 1 provides. The addition of long lunches on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday make this the ideal free period.


2 – 6°: Somewhat of a sleeper pick, 6 means you leave school early on Monday and show up late Friday morning, as well as getting two long lunches during the week.


3 – 4°: While initially seeming pretty dull, 4th period actually offers three long lunches and you get to leave school early on Tuesday.


4 – 5°: 5th period gets a lot of hype because you can leave school early Wednesday afternoon and then get a super late start on Thursday, but doesn’t offer much besides this. However, if combined with 6 free or even 6* free, it becomes far more attractive.


5 – 3°: A mediocre free that offers a late start on Wednesday and an early departure on Friday, but not much else.


6 – 2°: This period doesn’t allow for any long lunches, but you arrive late on Tuesday and leave early on Thursday. Other than that, however, 2nd period is crammed into relatively boring slots during the day. Hope you like doing homework at school!