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Feeling the Bern and Looking for Love

Dating Profile: Bernie Sanders

Source: demsonly.com


Name:  Bernie Sanders

Height/eye color: 6 ft. Brown/Green – like some of those dark trees you find in Vermont.

College: University of Chicago (where I once participated in a protest against police brutality)

Favorite words: Yuge, free, revolution, corrupt, Vermont.

Things I love: Free college, yelling, hating Wall Street, hikes, pointing, Killer Mike

Things I hate: The 1%. Oh, and Wall Street.

Favorite Place to Travel to: Other than Vermont? China, Cuba, and Vietnam.

Hobbies: Beach Cleanups and recycling. I also enjoy bird watching and reading books.

What I’m looking for: A socially progressive, down-to-earth, educated woman that is looking start a revolution with me.