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Heard in the Halls: Iconic Quotes from UHS Teachers

Disclaimer: all of these quotes are taken out of context and should not reflect poorly on the teaching abilities of any of the teachers.


“It’s kinda janky.” – Chris Martin


“You are nothing, so stop tripping.” – Michael Holt


“Oh, Rachel Damian and her ‘art’.” – Jenny Kline


“Think of all the illegal things you do in one weekend… don’t tell me but just think about it… like last weekend, I jaywalked three times.” – Ezra Davidson, on the enforcement of the sugar tax


“No deal, get out of here you rabble rouser… You don’t get your zubaz.” – Ezra Davidson


Lots of Luke


“J chillin’, fam!” – Luke Probst


“I don’t know what I’m doing.” – Luke Probst


“I came across a very disturbing situation yesterday. I really shouldn’t even be telling you this.” – Luke Probst, describing getting a positive and negative solution to a problem


“It doesn’t even matter what your problem is, you’re wrong.” -Luke Probst


“That’s how research is. You go through pain.” -Luke Probst


“You might end up taking a class called classical mechanics, which is just the most fun. I’m not even kidding.” – Luke Probst


“That is horrible, but that’s kind of the idea.” – Luke Probst


“That’s what I would do… If I cared.” – Luke Probst


[in complete silence after a Webassign work period] “I just read that squirrels lose half of the nuts they hide.” – Luke Probst