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Blast from the Past

Prama-rama! The Best Prom Asks of the Past 6 Years

With Prom season fast approaching, we have decided to compile a list of some of the best asks we’ve seen to possibly inspire the population of UHS 😉


1) Benjamin Share-Sapolsky ‘15 to Alex Howard ‘15: Benjamin went to Alex’s house, stole one of her shoes, dressed up in whimsical attire, and crashed Alex’s Econ class. He proceeded to try Alex’s shoe on every person in the room, and when he came to Alex, he told her it was the perfect fit, and that he would have to take her to prom. Literally the definition of a Cinderella Story.


2) Michael Garfagnoli ‘15 to Giuliana Lee ‘16: During rehearsal for the 2014 musical The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Michael asked Giuliana to prom in a scene that they had together. In the scene, Michael’s character (Jesus) was supposed to give advice to Giuliana’s character (Marcy) by saying “Well, Marcy…” Instead, he said “Well, Giuliana, will you go to prom with me?” from the Juliette balcony in the theater. Then, Mansoor Al-Shehail ‘14 rushed into the theater with flowers. Needless to say, not much work was done in rehearsal after that.


3) Ollie Goodman ‘13 to Lauren Bauer ‘13: Ollie wrote Lauren a song and performed it at ASM. Even the freshmen were swooning.


4) Alan Choy ‘15 to Alix Hashagen ‘15: Alan asked his girlfriend Alix by tying balloons to his bunny and having it hop into one of her classes.


6) Wyatt Kim ‘14 to Rosie Warren ‘14: Wyett recreated an old video of his then-girlfriend Rosie singing and played it at ASM. At the end of the video, he asked her to prom.


7) Adam Dolinsky ‘15 to Francesca Consagra ‘16: In the school presidential debate of 2014, Adam asked Francesca to prom saying “As president, I would need a first lady to stand by me.” Then, he brought out flowers and asked Francesca to be his first lady, and go to prom with him.


8) Brian Cami ‘15, Kenneth MacDonald ‘15, and Josh Wasserman ‘15 asked Emily Stabler ‘14, Amelia Gale ‘16, and Julia Lu ‘15 (respectively): They performed the Old Crow Medicine Show song “Wagon Wheel” in the student center during lunch, bringing out guitars to sing for their desired dates.


9) Dede Heldfond ‘14, Sarah Neal ‘14, and Kayla Nahi ‘14 asked Thomas Matthew ‘16, Wyeth Coulter ‘16, and Raiden Mayer ‘16 (respectively): Dede, Sarah, and Kayla set up a scavenger hunt all around the school, leading Thomas, Wyeth, and Raiden to the top of a staircase where they had balloons that each said “Prom?”


10) Jacob Canter ‘10 and Kiara Packer ‘10: Jacob got his twin brother Aron to help him ask his then-girlfriend Kiara to prom. He set up roses on the roof of Upper Campus and had them lead all the way to the Lyon Street steps. There, he had a violinist play romantic music and asked her.