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What To Do on Your College Visit

Many juniors at UHS will have visited various college campuses over Spring Break this year and will visit more in the weeks to come, an experience that can be influential in the decision-making process. While some students are ready to dive headfirst into a campus information session, for others college tripping can be a daunting experience. Here at the Back Page, we have compiled a to-do list for your college visits in the coming weeks:


  • Update Jon Reider on your progress via text every 10 minutes.
  • Check in at front desk and get your foot in the door by dropping off an early application and cover letter.
  • Stay the night in a dorm so you can experience an Adderall-binge paper-write firsthand.
  • Speak with a charming professor whose grading policy will later lead you to curse him and the institution.
  • Have lunch in the cafeteria and write down observations in your field notebook as you observe students in their natural habitat.
  • Walk uncomfortably close to campus tour guide so as to absorb as much information as possible.
  • Check out local ambiance and organic restaurants that you will think of longingly after the fifth straight night of top ramen in your dorm room.
  • Be sure to attend an information session and ask questions that identify you as a talented, engaged, and inquisitive prospective student.
  • Sleep easy on the fact that the percentage of students admitted to this school is only a few points less than the national unemployment rate for college grads.