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Graduation Goggles; The Class of 2016’s Reflections on the Best of UHS

With the school year soon winding down to a close, the class of 2016 seems to spend more and more time reflecting on their experience at UHS. While lots of them have major cases of “senioritis,” many also are getting “graduation goggles,” a condition in which one is nostalgic about basically everything their school has to offer (except maybe Honors Physics). I asked members of the senior class to reflect on their times at UHS, and share some memories:


DA: What was your most “freshman” moment?

Léa: My entire year was one big freshman moment: from the braces to the straightened dip dyed hair to the outrageously strange outfit choices, my fashion sense was extremely cringe-worthy. Never again.

Larry: Don’t ask about the context, but I (in front of about half the then-freshman class) publicly spelled Giuliana’s name wrong. I assumed it started with a J. This memory has haunted me for years. It’s not right to not even know the correct spelling of a friend’s name.

Elise: I’ll never forget the first day of freshman year, I was scrambling to my class in Lower and totally tripped down the stairs. I planted face first and all my books fell out of my bag, only to look up and see a senior guy at the top of the stairs watch me and then walk away.


  1. What was your most “UHS” moment?

Lena: Taking seven classes during senior year.

Jack: Every day.

Elise: Casually sitting in the library during my free period and overhearing this conversation:
“Where are you going to college?”
“I’m going to Harvard, you’re going to Yale, right?”
“Yeah I’m going to Yale.”


  1. What are you going to miss most about UHS?

Larry: Universal camaraderie. Also, someone will probably look at me weirdly for this, but the Tech Weeks before shows. It’s a lot of work and suffering, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Léa: The community. Everyone here is so caring, open-minded, and passionate about their interests. Though UHS is known for having a competitive and rigorous environment, I will definitely remember the people I met more than what classes I took or what grades I got.

Jack: My clique.

Karson: Whole student center sing-alongs.

Karina: The community. It is so tight-knit and the support and love from all is palpable. I really think our spirit and the way we uplift each other is so special, and so unique to UHS. I am incredibly proud to be a member of this community.

Elise: Michael Holt’s English class.