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Letter from the Editor

As we approach the end of finals, APs, prama, and all the other fun things that come with being a high school student, we rejoice in the fact that summer is fast approaching. Though I know everyone will be off doing internships at UCSF or volunteering to save the oceans, I encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful city we live in while you have the time. Below are some suggestions for how to take a break from being a UHS student and just be a teenager this summer:

  • Do a mural walk of the Mission
  • Go to Outside Lands (read more about the lineup in A & E)
  •  Register to vote, if you can (this is going to be a crazy election; make sure your voice is heard!)
  • Join a protest (we’re San Franciscans, it seems like something you have to do at least once), especially against the anti-LGBT legislation passed in North Carolina (read more about it in At Large)
  • Read a book for fun
  • Take a long walk, or at least a Chariot (learn more about the “female Uber” in Op-Ed) to a neighborhood you’ve never been to before
  • Go to a museum and show off all that Civ knowledge
  • Talk to someone new (or try to figure out who the mystery student is in SF Story)
  • Take a road trip (or, if you’re like me, get around to actually learning how to drive!)
  • Bake a treat and share it with someone (look for a new recipe in Food)
  • Volunteer for a cause you care about, not just something to put on college apps
  • Write a DA article (never to early to write something for the September issue!)


Have a great summer UHS!

Claire Kalikman, Editor-in-Chief