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Thanks a Latte: A Review of the Best Coffee Shops

Struggling with procrastination?  Try a change of location (instead of actually fixing your issue), and study in a local coffee shop!  The following are reviews of the best coffee shops in San Francisco (according to Yelp).  The areas of criteria to meet are:


Wi-Fi: Does this coffee shop have Wi-Fi? How slow or fast is it?

Workability:  Is this coffee shop a good environment for working?

Aesthetic:  How Instagram-worthy is the shop itself?

Latte Art:  How Instagram-worthy is your drink?

Actual Coffee:  On a scale of 0-10. Too sweet? Too bitter? Aromatic? Watered-down?

Wow Factor:  Does this coffee shop wow you? Why or why not?

Bonus:  Quirky bonus points.



Snowbird Coffee:

1352 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA (The Sunset)

Wi-Fi: 7/10, not super reliable but decent; also you have to ask the barista for the password which is a setback (hint: the password is Goodcoffee).

Workability:  8/10, good amount of desired coffee shop white noise, but the tables are on the small side (like Civ room desk small).

Aesthetic: 8.5/10

Latte Art:  7/10, inconsistent latte art quality.

Actual Coffee: 8.5/10

Wow Factor: Wow. Outlets and Chargers!

Bonus:  There’s a laundry detergent store in the back with organic laundry detergent, so if you’re into that…




2123 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)

 Wi-Fi: 8/10, free and easy

Workability:  6/10 more of a dining place, plus you can’t use laptops on certain tables from 11-3PM during the day, which is really specific and weird.

Aesthetic:  8.8/10

Latte Art: 9/10, always mixing it up but always cute

Actual Coffee: 8.5/10. Solid.

Wow Factor:  Wow.  Complimentary marshmallow if you order a mocha.

Bonus:  Fun fact: Jane was founded by a UHS alumni’s mom (Disclaimer: Someone told me that but I actually have no idea.)




Dynamo Donuts and Coffee:

2760 24th Street, San Francisco, CA (Mission) AND 110 Yacht Road (Kiosk on the SF Bay Trail) San Francisco, CA (Marina)

Wi-Fi: 0/10. Donuts>Internet?

Workability: 4/10 (see above Wi-Fi situation)

Aesthetic:  6.5/10 for the front, 8/10 for the back (see Bonus)

Latte Art: 7/10, basic latte leaf pattern.

Actual Coffee:  7.5/10, come for the donuts not the coffee.

Wow Factor: Wow. Hibiscus beet and huckleberry donuts?!

Bonus:  Sick outdoor patio


Réveille Coffee:

http://www.yelp.com/biz_attribute?biz_id=iuOjXmZ_C88EF0LCtoHCUA610 Long Bridge St, San Francisco, CA (SoMa/Mission Bay)

Wi-Fi: 0/10. Boo.

Workability:  4/10 (again, see above Wi-Fi situation)

Aesthetic:  9/10

Latte Art: 7.8/10, clean-cut but fairly basic

Actual Coffee:  9/10, extra points for complimentary sugar cubes (but also come for the food, it’s pretty good and very photogenic)

Wow Factor:  WOW. Super nice lighting (day and night). Also really cool coffee cups.

Bonus:  Chia seed pudding, need I say more?


Blue Bottle Coffee:

315 Linden St San Francisco, CA (Hayes Valley)

Wi-Fi:  0/10, non-existent.

Workability:  0/10. To be fair this isn’t really a coffee shop it’s like a coffee outlet, there’s no seating.

Aesthetic:  7.8/10

Latte Art: 9/10, latte art still intact after sipping 1/3 of the drink.

Actual Coffee:  9/10.  Blue Bottle is easily one of SF’s most famous brand/chain of coffee.

Wow Factor:  Wow. You get a hole in the wall feel because it is literally a hole in a wall in an alley by Market Street.

Bonus:  TCHO chocolate uses Blue Bottle coffee for some of their chocolate squares, that’s how you know it’s legit.


Craftsman and Wolves:

746 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA (Mission)

Wi-Fi:  0/10.  Sad.

Workability:  4/10.  I realize now none of these places are actually suitable for working, and are just places to buy coffee.

Aesthetic: 9/10

Latte Art:  6/10, nothin’ real special

Actual Coffee:  8/10

Wow Factor:  Wow. Complimentary LAVENDAR marshmallow with your coffee; step up your game, @Jane!

Bonus: The staff wears jean aprons, which is very “hip”.



Honorable Mentions:

Philz Coffee (chain), Fifty/Fifty (they have boba, too), Four Barrel Coffee, Sightglass Coffee, Flywheel Coffee, Foglifter Café (only place that deserves 10/10 latte art), Peet’s (a million times better than Starbucks…just sayin’)