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The Tripp Presidency: A Retrospective

As much as Alex Tripp hates to admit it, his reign over the school is coming to a close as we approach the final few weeks of school. He is not up for reelection. What will the students of UHS remember about Alex? What storied legacy will he leave behind?

Our first taste of the Tripp administration was Convocation. A bit lacking in creativity, the class of 2016 put on some Sean Kingston and jumped around dressed in red until Alex, dressed as a firefighter, put out the “flames”. This display left the rest of the student body half confused and half indifferent, but on the plus side it gave plenty of room for improvement. Alex’s speech afterward was an inspirational affair, punctuated with moments of sardonic humor characteristic of his personality.

Of course, another hallmark of a UHS presidency is the Holiday Assembly, conducted right before first semester finals week. Alex was tasked with telling jokes to a jittery, stressed-out audience for up to five minutes at a time. For this endeavor, Tripp’s dry humor and wit proved instrumental in provoking ironic laughs from the crowd. Our only qualm: where was the whale joke, Alex? Give the people what they want.

Immediately following Winter Break, Alex let us know what to expect from his second-semester senior self, using an expletive in front of the whole school at ASM. The scandal rocked the school, and the fires of protest burned in the halls of Middle and Upper for weeks.

Finally, President Tripp was able to make his mark outside the confines of Student Council by playing in the Jazz band and in the orchestra pit for the Spring Musical. Hardly recognizable without his characteristic scepter and crown, our fearless leader was omnipresent and an indispensable part of UHS school spirit.

Overall, pretty good job, Alex. Your final grade for perhaps your most impactful assignment from UHS: B+.