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Warriors Reach 73

Last month, I wrote about the Warriors reaching 73 wins with cautious optimism. I had no reason to believe they wouldn’t accomplish the record, but it would have been pretty awkward to neglect any doubts. Luckily, none of that was actually necessary in the end because unless basketball doesn’t exist for you, you know the team ended with a 73-9 regular season record. Full disclosure: I had a math test the day after the game, so I couldn’t watch the entire thing live (something to think about for freshmen taking AAP next year). Nevertheless, with my 6’7 former collegiate basketball player father, I dissected the game minute by minute.

In a game that was never really all that close, the Warriors demolished the Memphis Grizzlies 125-104. Stephen Curry had a game-high 46 points and six 3’s in the first quarter alone. He also became the only player in NBA history to hit 400 three-pointers in a single season even before anyone else reached 300. Klay Thompson had 16 points, Harrison Barnes had 15, and Draymond Green had 11, resulting in a strong game for the team overall.

With dozens of records broken this season (some more memorable than others), the team brings lots of momentum into the playoffs to accomplish their ultimate goal of winning the NBA Championships. In a team with this much talent, their prospects in the playoffs look bright. Catch them as they attempt to finish off the Houston Rockets and then play either the Clippers or the Trailblazers. With a 73-9 record, the Warriors look as unstoppable as they could possibly be.