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The Effects of Global Warming in Zambia

May 8, 2016 6:31pm | Anne Gross '19, SF Story Editor

Global warming is a frightening issue. When we picture the effects, we often only imagine the ramifications for us here in San Francisco: more volatile weather (from our previous foggy monotony), Ocean Beach underwater, and various other things that, for now, seem reserved to the […]

North Carolina Passes Anti-LGBT Laws

May 8, 2016 6:28pm | Emily Ehsan '18, At Large Editor

“Rather than expand nondiscrimination laws to protect all North Carolinians, the General Assembly instead spent $42,000 to rush through an extreme bill that undoes all local nondiscrimination laws and specifically excludes gay and transgender people from legal protections” –Sarah Preston, acting executive director of the American Civil […]

Letter from the Editor

May 8, 2016 6:22pm | Claire Kalikman '17, Editor-in-Chief

As we approach the end of finals, APs, prama, and all the other fun things that come with being a high school student, we rejoice in the fact that summer is fast approaching. Though I know everyone will be off doing internships at UCSF or volunteering to save […]

The Other Nancy Reagan: How the Perfect First Lady Surprised Us All

April 24, 2016 1:58am | Fiona Brauer '19, SF Story Editor

When thinking of Nancy Reagan in the wake of her recent passing, it is so easy to see her as the smiling, supportive wife, as the well-off actress who was swept into the world of politics yet took to it with ease, and as the […]

Neo-Conservative Club and Our Subconscious Biases

April 24, 2016 1:54am | Fiona Brauer SF Story Editor, Anne Gross SF Story Editor

Neo-conservatism club? What is that? Why would someone start that? People greeted Matthew Wildenradt’s announcement for the first meeting of this club with similar bewilderment. We were struck by our own snap judgments, as well as the snap judgments we saw in the expressions of […]